Alas, there'll be no pictures for your visual delight today. Though I gain very little enjoyment from negative reviews, when a restaurant reputation preceds itself so, and delivers so poorly it should be made known.

Starters of salt chilli squid and xiao long bao (Shanghai dumplings) were utterly disappointing. A soggy tempura batter covered squid accompanied by a gyoza shaped dumpling and an explanation of - "it's too difficult to make xiao long bao in the evening so we serve these instead".

Main dishes of duck and king crab were drastically overdone, dry, and lacked connection to the key ingredients by overpowering them. The truffle sauce covered any semblance of duck flavour, the king crab legs, pre-cut, were stringy and rubbery.

At the failed request for wine recommendations we lost all faith and decided to leave the sweets for the hundreds of other diners lining up for what I suspect was also a sub-par experience.

Hakkasan - you ultimately don't need my patronism, and I'm sure HKK will also be a resounding success, but I'll now avoid you, and any subsidiaries of your chain.

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